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Om Reading

Our Philosophy

As #Fansof3…our vision is to:

Our goal is to broaden perspectives by sharing professional & personal life experiences.

We firmly believe in the importance of education to grow and explore the world.

By being positive we know that we can make an impact.


Our Story

Through the Eyes of Om is the perspective of a 3 year old and his dad on life.

It is amazing how things are perceived through a child’s perspective. They are often considered either small or big, exciting or boring, black or white and on and on.

We wanted to invite others to join us in our experiences as we embark on our journey together.

Om playing chess

Meet the Family

What do you get when a British trained physician & United States Marine with a love for the Manchester United soccer team & Metallica find each other?

You get a global love story that will certainly make you smile. The most important element for us revolves around values & cultural upbringing.

Most importantly…you get a 🌎 trotting kiddo named Om…

Om on swing


LinkedIn Influencer & Creator

Curiosity is Om’s strongest trait.

He loves to travel around the world and experiencing different cultures. By sharing his story, we want to inspire other children and parents to go do the same. Some of his favorite things to do are spending time with his dog Kazi as well as visiting the library to read and play.

Om with mom



Family has always been important to her. She grew up in one country, spent her young adult life studying in another, and eventually moved again for love.

Her passion in life has always been constant. She loves traveling, practicing medicine and reading Mario Puzo novels. She tries her best to maintain a balance of East meets West in her home including being flexible, as long as it meets “mommy is right” conditions.

Om with dad



He served his country as a United States Marine. He then went on to become a businessman and philanthropist. He continues to interact with a variety of people from all walks of life.

What has been a foundation for him, is the authenticity of his message. There is always humor in his stories because life can be serious.

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